Single Parent or Double Parent Households

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“It takes a village to raise a child.” A quote I always think about when it comes to single and double parent households. Sometimes it takes one strong parent and others it takes two strong parents. Whether it’s the birth parent(s), family member(s), or even a surrogate parent(s) to raise a child. Single and double parent households have a lot in common and differences. Many would agree that living in a double parent household would be better then living in a single parent household. I guess it all depends on the situation and what you make out of it.

Single parent households can be tricking at times due to there only being one parent present in the household. Some parents are able to balance working and parenting others struggle to juggle the two. Some children benefit from living with one parent and others don’t. Some children act out due to the limited attention they get from one parent. It also depends on how determine that one parent is to make it work. But there are a lot of odds against single parent households.

Living in double parent households would be the ideal situation to the American Dream. Most double parent households have a routine that they follow which work out for both parents. Some double households have only one working parent while the other takes care of the household. Even some double parent households consist of two different homes instead of one.

Children succeed whether they are in single or double household due to the upbringing of the child and not just because of how many parents they have. That wouldn’t be fair to the parent who is doing both working and parenting by their selves. Many of times children with both parents make bad decisions. Even though there are one parent households raise children more so then double parent households. Single parents have the teachers from schools to show them how to help with their child’s homework, that doctor or nurse to show them how to care for their child, that...
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