Single Parent Household

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  • Published : May 8, 2006
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Social Problem within the United States
In 1999 around 16 million children were living in a single parent household with their mothers, and almost 6 million children were living with only their fathers or with no parents at all (Fields and Casper, internet). The European Commission has reported that the percentage of children living with only one parent has grown from 8% to 13% in the last fifteen years. Population projections in the United States estimate that half of the children born in the 1990's will spend some time in single parent households (Amato, internet). These statistics seem unrealistic but if one thinks about it and actually look around and see their friends' families they would have to agree. I live in a single parent household and have for almost four years. I wanted to do some research about a topic that would personally make sense to me. I want to be able to prove all the statistics wrong about single parent households being detrimental to children, by knowing all that I can and preventing it within my home with my brother and I. Thesis Statement and Preview

Being that single women families are the cause of all ills that afflict America society: poverty, violence, drug addictions and decreasing educational standards. Research devoted to child development within divorced families and the effect on children of problematic relationships among parents, is frequently marshaled by these groups who approach single parenthood as an issue of moral choice. Which leads right into the statement that single parent household can be detrimental to children. Poverty

"Single Moms" evoke an image of low class, low income, poorly educated women who simply made choices. You know these women. They work at the local diner serving up burgers and fries. They have three children from some drunken worthless bum and have the appearance of being heavily burden by their lives. When you encounter theses women, the first thought that comes to mind is: "I'll never be like...
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