Single Parent Family

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  • Published: January 29, 2012
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This SBA is basically about single parents’ family and the challenges they are faced with. The community of Potterville has a lot of single parent families and there are ways looking at to control the rapid growths of these families. It is also about what causes there to be a break down in the family of the single parents family and their impact they have on the community. And it also included are the benefits of being part of a single parent family.

Statement of Problem

Why are there so many single parent families in the community of Potterville?

Reason for Selecting the Area of Research

This community was selected in the SBA, because there is large amount of single parent family residing in the community of Potterville and they have increased rapidly over a period of time. The community of Potterville was visited by the researcher on the 5th August 2011 and the data was collected.

Method of Investigation

In investigating the community of Potterville questionnaire had to be used to it would help making finding out the information much clearly and easier to access and it helps in making the presentation of data easily obtainable as long as it has options to the different questions.

Procedures for Data Collecting

On the 30th August 2011 20 questionnaires were given out to the people of the community from the age range 15-20. The answers were chosen randomly on the questionnaire. There are fourteen close questions they were given percentages based on the questions answered. The people were given fifth teen minutes to do the questionnaires by just responding.

Presentation of Data

This bar graph represents that chose different functions of the family. In the graph above shows that financial is least likely to be fulfilled in single parent family. And also cultural is least likely to be implanted in a single parent household but financial is the main function.

The positive aspects of belonging to a single parent Family being influenced by the community.| The negative aspects of belonging to a single parent family being influenced by the community.| Members of the community may pose as role models and deter children from getting involved in negative or illegal activities | Children may become delinquent | Church groups or church activities deter youth from going down the wrong path.| Due to poor socialization skills children at risk to being manipulated and used by individuals| Community centers create outer school programs to assist children at school with school work and personal problems | Children may detest the gender of the absent parent | Community getting the children in sporting activities within the area.| Children may be at higher risk of joining gangs.|

This table depicts the positive and the negative aspects where the children are influenced by the community. Analysis and Interpretation of Data
Why are there so many single parent Family in the Community of Potterville?

The main causes of the single parent family:

The single parent family was caused by death of one of the spouse which could be very dramatic especially for the children. They see their parents go through divorce and separation. Some of the parents are unable to get along in the home. One parent is unable to play their role as a result of inability to carry out responsibilities. Some of the females are unable to identify the father of their child as result of being with many partners at the same time. Some times one voice is always left unheard. The effect of being part of a single parent family:

In a single parent family are faced with many difficulties. The parents are unable to play the role of the caretaker especially of this parent is a male. The parents are unable to provide the basic things that the children need like food and sometimes a house the family could become homeless at that time. This plays a major role where the parents cannot control their...
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