Single Mothers Raisin Boys

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  • Published : October 1, 2010
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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one out of three American children is born to a single mother. One cause of this may be the change in the way society views the typical family. Some women are making the choice to be single mothers because they believe they don’t need a man to have a family. Some believe that the relationships will fall apart after a baby. Couples don’t tend to stay together anymore. Regardless of the reason for a woman raising a son alone there could be many devastating effects if the woman is not prepared to face the challenges. Perhaps the parents were never married, or divorce is the reason for the woman raising a child alone. Divorce reduces the likelihood that a child will graduate from college and achieve a high status job. Divorce approximately doubles the odds that children will end up divorced themselves. Divorce significantly increases poverty rates of both mothers and children. Booys raised in single parent homes are about twice as likely to commit a crime that leads to incarceration by the time they reach their thirties. One of the many challenges single mothers face is trying to balance work and family life. Finding a good job to support the family is a must for a single mother. Many find themselves working tow, sometimes three jobs to provide for the family. This effects the family emotionally because mom often spends more time working than quality time with the kids. Often this sends the woman to seeking higher education so that she can have a career to support the family. Then she faces still another challenge to balance it all.
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