Single Mothers and Single Fathers in Society

Topics: Mother, Parent, Childhood Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Single Mothers and Single Fathers in Society Today
Crystal D.Cole
February 9, 2012
University of Phoenix

Single Mothers and Single Fathers in Society Today

Being a single parent is tough in twenty first century. A single parent has to be the provider, the comforter, the teacher, and the disciplinarian all in one. In most single parent relationships, One feels that our priorities lie with our children first. Society seems to put some pressures on Single Mothers and Single Fathers. Single Mothers and Fathers are viewed differently. Single Mothers and Single Fathers are very common in present society. Both may have similar responsibilities but are quite differently viewed in society eyes. Single parenting is becoming a mainstay of our culture, and it is interesting to see the effects parenting singles have on American life. Single Mothers and Single Fathers share similar responsibilities in raising a child or children. Both share the responsibility of taking care of the child or children financially. The single parent must provide financially by having a dwelling for them to live in, put food in the children’s stomachs, provide medical, and stability for the child or children. Although the non-custodial parent may pay child support this is not enough to provide for the child or children financially. A Single parent must provide emotional and physical well-being for the child or children. Whether it be the child being picked on at school or doing badly in an athletic event. Emotional and physical well-being can be challenging for some single parents, especially if one is of the children are the opposite sex of the parent. A single parent must also provide social and intellectual support to for the child or children, this can become challenging in the teenage years for both single mothers and single fathers. As the child or children get older they face challenges at school or in social settings in general. Single Mothers and Single Fathers also...
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