Single Mother-Successful Child

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Shervaughn Sivertsen
Professor Hirschmann
Engl 1302 – Essay 3 Final Draft
Single Mother - Successful Child.
My topic was inspired by “The Lesson” (Toni Cade Bambara pg 507-512), parents play an important part of in a child’s development. The Mother-Child Dyad is the most important aspect of raising competent children, closing the intergenerational gap through communication and compromise helps strengthen these relationships. Single mothers are very capable of raising responsible children. According to Troy E. Beckert, et al while conducting a study of competence from both parent and children perspectives, ”The presence of an adult at home when the child returned from school and the amount of time the dyad spent together each week significantly differentiated both groups of respondents on areas of parenting.” (Beckert pg 275) ”In a similar fashion, mother-child dyads that had an adult at home more often after school were more similar in their views of issues.” (Beckert pg 286) Researchers John F. Ermisch and Marco Francesconi found “that experience of life in a single-parent family during childhood is usually associated with negative outcomes for children as young adults.” (Ermisch pg 262) Although the ideal family situation includes a mother, a father and extended family sharing the responsibility of raising the child, this is not always an option. Weinraub and Wolf found that there is an impact on nurturing, “never-married mothers were more nurturant toward their children than divorced mothers.” (Weinraub pg 1309) Children raised by single-mothers can still be well-adjusted children, teenagers, and adults. Most children who grow up in single-mother working households are mature, realistic and independent. Weinraub and Wolf also found that “single parents fared no better or worse than their married counterparts in ability to exercise effective control, display of maternal nurturance, ease in communicating with their children, or extent of child maturity demands.” and “no differences were observed among children from single or married homes in compliance with these demands.” (Weinraub pg 1307)

Many consider a child raised by a single mother to be at a disadvantage since single mothers deal with greater stress with lower incomes, less time, less social support and in many cases less education. While these factors make raising a child more difficult they can be overcome by developing support networks, friendships, patience and learning positive parenting skills. Government assistance helps single mothers improve their situations through financial assistance: Housing through Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs, training and job search through Texas Workforce Commission as well as formal education with Pell Grants. External support networks consist of family, friends, neighbors or church groups that are able to help with emotional and physical needs such as listening and babysitting.

Mother-child dyad is defined as a strong mutual relationship between mother and child. Communication is the starting point to developing any successful relationship; it helps foster an alliance between parent and child while avoiding estrangement and misunderstandings. A single mother must not only play the role of mother but in many cases father as well. Quality time helps mother understand what is going on in the life and mind of their child. As a parent, good communication needs to be emphasized as when talking and listening to the child. A child can usually tell when a parent is not listening to them, and this can cause the relationship to deteriorate and cause the child to shut down emotionally which affects their self esteem and self worth. “The findings are consistent with the expectation that the link between a child’s theory of mind and social adaptation depends in part on the social-emotional context in which children’s social cognitive skills develop and operate.” (Cahill pg 52) Good communication is not...
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