Single Life or Married Life

Topics: Single person, Philosophy of love Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Everybody knows that single life is different with married life. Some people like single and some like married. Their different: single life has more freedom than married life; single life has freedom in economy; single life’s responsibility more freedom than married life.

First, single life’s activity more freedom. Single people don’t worry about what time should go home when they do activities. My friend, Chen who is a singe is a pretty girl. One day, she’s co-work had a birthday party and invited her. She went to party and was so happy. At one o’clock in the morning, my phone was ringed. I answered the phone, she’s mother asked me that where is Chen. She worried her daughter because Chen was not going home until early in the morning. I told her mother that she went to the co-work’s birthday party. Next the day morning, I called my friend and told her that she should be calls her mother if she couldn’t go home. She said she couldn’t heard the phone because she went to KTV room. Single people don’t worry about time if they go to somewhere or meet with their friends. Second, single life can dominate money by self. Single people can buy something if they want it because they can control their finances. For example, I wanted buy a famous watch when I was single. I looked at all kinds of watches and chosen my favitous one which is Rolex watch is from Switzerland. I really like it. I bought it even though I used my one month salary. I didn’t need to care of price because I could control my money. I lived in my family members in that time. My family could support my food. Sometimes, I spent all my money in the first day of month, but I didn’t worry about finance. Third, single life’s responsibility is more freedom. I believe as a single person, he/she don’t worry about their responsibility. They can do something which what they want. I wanted to joined Army in China when I single. One day, I went to recruiting station and talked to recruiting officer. I really...
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