Single Life and Married Life

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Single Life and Married Life

There is something about marriage that changes everything it starts from when you say I do. When you’re single you have more liberty in the aspect of coming and going with friends, with no worries in the financial aspect of things. Marriage is about respecting each other becoming one versus single life is really about two separate people knowing each other.

In the life of a single person everything within the home environment is under the persons own control. Therefore he or she does not have to consider others before making decisions. In addition, the single person has no need to consult anyone else regarding any decisions such as house decoration, holiday dates and locations. Thus there is no need to compromise. Furthermore, everything within their life belongs to a single person. He or she owns his or her life completely and does not need to share any aspect of it with another person. Existence is within his or her own space.

Being single is for those you are not ready to take the next step in life. They are still working on themselves. It is not a bad thing. We must all find ourselves first to be able to know who that great person is that we end up sharing the rest of our lives with. When you find yourself, then it is so much easier to find that true person that belongs in your life.

Marriage is a great new step one takes in life. It comes to your heart when you take a good look at your life and you realize something is missing. You have never had it to begin with but yet you miss it. Then you realize what the next step in your life is. Finding that person is so much easier when you know who you are first. In married life, Control is compromised through the need to consider a partner's feeling or opinions. Similarly, everything within the married environment has to be shared. Whilst both parties may be able to find some space of his or her own, the majority of the time this will be shared with others.

Many married...
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