Single-lens Reflex Camera and In-house Photography

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Equipment and Effect Draft

Amber Nielsen


If you were to go and do an in-house the equipment that you would need to bring is a camera the one that is most recommended is the SLR or as it is also called the Single Lens Reflex camera this is a great camera and is perfect for what needs that you will be required of you when doing an in-house. The reason for this is because it allows you to capture exactly what you see through the viewfinder I cannot tell you how helpful that really is. Another reason that the SLR is recommend is because you will be required to use many different lenses for many different things and the SLR is the only camera that allows interchangeable lenses. The lenses for the SLR camera that you will more than likely need to use as they are the basic lenses are the telephoto or zoom lenses for your in-house photography. Photography you will need artificial lighting and this is so that you will be able to acquire the appropriate lighting. It is also very helpful to find the image that you are looking for or if the areas that you are working in dose not have good lighting I think that this is a very important tool that needs to be brought to an in-house set. The most common thing that you will need is called the remote-firing flash this is helpful as it can get the appropriate results for the photo. The next and most important piece of equipment that is need is a processing system this will usually require you to have a computer with a photo-editing program due to the increased number of digital cameras begin used Photoshop is very handing. This will allow you to make needed corrections to images and to get the right result you need or else are wanting for the image. The last two important pieces of equipment that you will need is tri-pod and sundry equipment. The purpose of the tri-pod is to help provide a stable platform for you camera so that you can take good quality and clear images so that they do...
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