Singing with Corrrect Posture

Topics: Singing, Vocal range, Human voice Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Singing with corrrect posture
MAny people love to sing. They sing along with the radio in the cars or in their room. One may even be in a choir and still not being singing with the correct posture. singing with courrect posture consist of various techniques that can improve singing dramatically. Whether singing in the car or performing in front of hundreds. In this paper there will be steps on how to sing with correct posture. Step one, be standing up. This allows the body to be in the up right postition. Not to be slacking or hunchted over. After establishing standing up, slightly place one foot infront of the other. Preferbly the oppostie of your dominate hand. This construces balance,which is the equal distrubutation of weight. Also keep knees slightly bent if knees are locked up one may be become faint or want to past out. The third step in our process is alowing the back to be perfectly straight so that the chest can stick out. Standing against a wall is a perfect example on just how straight the back should be. Then place chin parrell to the floor. All these steps are setting up a base structure for the most important step, taking that deep breath right before the first note sung. The goal is to not allow the chest to come up, for example when some one is scared by another person that person will grasp for air becuase of shouck and most likely the shoulders will rise when recieving the air. So the goal is to keep your chest up and take a deep breath but only letting your stomach come out. Filling the ribcage expand allowing the diaphragm, a muscular, membranous or ligamentous wall separating two cavities or limiting a cavity, to fill up with air. Therefore the only thing moving is stomach musclues coming in and out. Problems of not breathing correctly are that people breath incorrectly so they will not have breath support for very long. a singer must take a deep breath and withstand the temtation of taking another breath to soon. many...
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