Singing in the Rain Analysis

Topics: Actor, Theatre, Singing Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: June 2, 2008
Singin’ In The Rain

The author wrote this play for entertainment purposes, and also to depict Hollywood's transition from silent films to "talkies". Though there doesn’t really seem to be any important messages or meanings to the play, I felt that the main message behind the play is that things are not always what they seem to be, and this was displayed multiple times throughout the play. Don Lockwood and Lena Lamont were thought to be together because of propaganda. Lockwood and his love interest, Kathy Seldon, initially misjudged each other upon first meeting due to their backgrounds. Lamont was viewed as a good actress until the debut of pictures with sound exposed her horrible voice and lack of proper grammar.

The director stayed completely true to the playwright in his rendition of this play. From what I could tell, all of the original dialogue and props were used, and the actors portrayed the original characters very well. Throughout the entire play both my interest and my friend’s were maintained, but the one aspect that needed work was the singing. I remember cringing during the song “Beautiful Girl” and leaning over to my friend saying “this is awful.” She agreed. I’m not sure if maybe the actor was sick or if he really was just a bad singer. Either way he looked as if he was quite nervous on stage, and I feel that his part could have and should have been re-cast. Aside from this, I felt that everyone else suited their character perfectly.

All of the characters main traits were stressed well by the actors portraying them. The man playing the role of Don Lockwood nailed the characters wit and charm. The actress playing Lena Lamont was perfect- she was attractive, loud, and nailed the annoying voice. The actor cast as Cosmo Brown captured his goofiness, athleticism and athleticism. The actress playing Kathy Seldon was very attractive, had a great voice and captured the characters strong-will and sweetness. Nearly all the roles...
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