Singer: Third World and Annual Income

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Will O’Hara
Dr. Yvonne Bruce
English Composition II
Singer’s Proposal to End World Poverty
“What is a human life worth?” That is the opening line to the truly compelling essay, “What Should a Billionaire Give—and What Should You?” This essay is written by Peter Singer and was originally published in the New York Times Magazine. This essay is all about how much the life of a human being is worth and how much we should be doing to help others. He begins to question whether the life of a wealthy American child is worth the same as a child that is saddled with poverty in the middle of Africa. Singer makes an argument throughout the essay that Americans are not doing enough to help the poor and that wealthy Americans are living with too many luxuries while others are forced to survive on less than one dollar a day. He brings up a lot of compelling points and even offers a proposal as to how to fix these problems. Peter Singer makes great statistical based arguments and these arguments should definitely be considered by the United States government and by the wealthiest people living in the United States of America. Singer uses the rhetoric triangle and plenty of sound reasoning to help make his point. There are a lot of pro’s and con’s when it comes to his grand proposal but in my opinion there are far more positive effects than negative effects.

Singer begins the article with great philanthropists of our time that have given much of their vast wealth to charity. The first donor brought up by Singer is Bill Gates. Bill Gates founded Microsoft and is worth around $53 billion. It is also said that Gates has given away around $30 billion and has been very charitable through the years (345). When Gates discovered that there were third-world diseases killing hundreds of thousands of children annually and that some value lives of Americans more than the lives of third-world countries he decided that he must act. Gates said to the World Health Assembly...
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