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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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English 10
Hunter Hayes
Hunter Hayes is a famous country singer. Many of his songs came from him being a Cajun child star and now he is all grown up as a country pop hitmaker. He is not only a musician he is writer, producer, and performer. With all these things the most exciting thing is that he is young and just now getting started. He even started playing the guitar at the age six. He spent a lot of time listening to Cajun music when he was young. This all helped him become the person he is now. Hunter Hayes is interesting because of his childhood, education, and career. Hunter Hayes’ childhood was full of music. Music has always been apart of Hunters life. In a interview he once said, “I wrote my song at six,’’ he recalls, “I spent every day with the guitar and I just made up song.” Hunter’s songwriting has been informed by an electric grouping of influences. (“About” 1). Ever since he was very little he could never imagine his life without music. Without being influenced by other country stars his songs might not be as good. He has always had begin expectations for himself. “The expectations may be high, but no one has set higher expectations and ambitions for his music than Hunter himself.” (“About” 2). Without his high ambitions his music can’t reach what it it today. Just like him since he was young, he has always wanted everyone to listen to his music, including his audiences. Since childhood he considered music his bestfriend. Hunter Hayes always thought education was important. One thing in his life that showed this was the things he did in high school. “He enrolled in an accelerated high school program. He later received his diploma, along with a bumper sticker bearing this incorrect class year, in the mail.” (Spera 2) Even though music was the focus of his life he always wanted to get good grades. Getting his high diploma was always his number one goal. He never stopped until he got it. “I was proud of myself for finishing high school without...
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