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  • Published: October 12, 2012
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Human Geography Project 1:
Geographical Imagination

Written by:
Joyce Ching Ngai Chi
Teo Hui En Diane
Anastasia Wanda Soetjoadi
Tan Miao Peng

Geographical Imagination is the pre-existing impression of a place where one has yet to visit and how people give their own identity to a certain space. One’s pre-existing impression of a place can be formed by a few social factors: the media‘s portrayal of the place (Books, films, magazines, advertisements) and views heard from other people. However, when one visits that particular place, he will form his own additional perception of the place through his personal experiences. Such pre-existing impressions and perceptions of a place are highly dependant on individual experiences and are constantly changing as the place continues to re-image itself.

Place marketing is used as a “frame making tool”, “a packaging technique”, “a kind of world-making” and “a set of discursive practices that changes societies over time” as “places are re-conceptualized, re-structured, re-made, re-represented and re-marketed.” (O’Dell and Billing, July 2005) Our new slogan for the Singapore Tourism Board would have to include the images and impressions we would like to promote in order to attract tourists to our shores. The aim of our slogan would be to create a sense of place for the tourists even before they visit Singapore. We aspire to give tourists a sense of belonging and attachment to Singapore, which is the third level in the scale of having a sense of place (Shamai, 1991). However, the most basic would be for tourists to know Singapore exists and to get some background information about Singapore through the slogan, leading them to feel a sense of belonging as their head knowledge turns to reality when they visit Singapore. We would thus have to consider the connotations of our slogan to test whether our message is conveyed accurately. Afterwhich, we will consider the merit and drawbacks of our slogan,...
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