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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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1) the characteristics of Singapore (values that help the Singaporean survive) Competitive : education hub
Multi-racial(reduce racism)
Bilingualism (prevent misunderstanding/ understand each other better= respect) Nation of workaholics(based in the number of working hours per week) (Iceland, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, US, UK) Campaigns:

2010: speak good English(2000 started, but reinforced in 2010), National healthy lifestyle. Top cause of death (cancer @ 29.3%)

2) Geographical location and characteristics/ implications on Singaporeans' way of life. strategic location: world's biggest port
No natural disasters
Limited natural resources

3) History & it's implications on Singapore
-COLONISATION by British, Sir Stamford Raffles created the framework for Singapore’s early success. BUT, it was Singapore’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew who shaped the first quarter-century of Singapore’s existence as an independent nation and defined the path to its current success. What follows is a brief history of the country’s origins from a colonial outpost to the developed nation that it is today. -malay based origin Malay fishing village, have advantages in the country -Singapore’s strategic location on the major sea route between India and China, its excellent harbor, and its free-trade harbor Racial riots: (Maria Hertogh= international friendship day) greater awareness/ tolerance (tdy hyper-sensitive to others race) Leaders seen destruction when one race conglomerates together. Thus HDB quotas set (unique laws in SG) to prevent build up effect, and make sure pop race is mixed up and each race mingles with other races 4) Social trends in the country

Social trends VS cultural trends (not the same)
Social trends include population trends(Ageing pop)/birth(fertility rate) & death(longevity, increased high lie expectancy) / marriage(late, or don't at all) / mean years of education (high: min till primary 6)/ economic indicators, income...
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