Singapore - from Settlement to Nation - Chapter 7

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Chapter 7: How did the local people respond to British rule after World War II? o The people had a negative attitude towards the British government and wanted independence because: 1. The living conditions were difficult

There were many problems such as:
a. Many people were jobless and living in poverty
b. Shortage of Food, Water, electricity and housing.
c. Diseases were common due to overcrowded living conditions, poor sanitation and lack or health services. 2. The Malayan Communist Party (MCP) stirred up people’s feelings against the British.

3. The British had failed to protect Singapore. Because of that, the people lost their trust in the British government.

4. Many countries that were under colonial rule had gained independence; this has influenced the local people. o The responses of the local people to the British rule:
1. Organized strikes:
- This was caused mainly by the difficult living conditions and the MCP who stirred up people’s feelings against the British.

2. Staged riots
1. Maria Hertogh Riots
2. Anti-National Service Riots

3. Demanded self-government

4. Formed political parties
|The Riots: | | |Maria Hertogh Riots: |- Maria had been raised as a Muslim under the care of Aminah | | |- The Muslim community were upset with the court’s decision to give the custody of Maria to her biological Dutch Catholic parents | | |- The British took sides with the Dutch....
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