Singapore and Japanese Youth Culture on Fashion

Topics: Fashion, Fashion week, New York City Pages: 10 (3751 words) Published: November 4, 2012

1. Introduction: A: Comparative Analysis In the course of this study, I acknowledge that quantitative research methodology is preferably used to show youth culture and personally getting insights of both cultures. The understanding of this work will take the reader through singapore’s and tokyo’s youth culture and movement, the hybrid identities of local and global trend existing in each country, internet and media culture and their local events. Things that will not be covered in this essay would be globalization or influences from the trickle-down effect, individual subcultures, and established fashion designers. 1: Comparative Youth Culture: What is it? This essay aims to put both Singapore and Tokyo’s youth culture side by side to pick out the differences from each cities. By writing a comparative essay on the two asian cultures, one can see the differences of a city of small-scale foundation in youth culture(Singapore) and another (Japan) with rich youth culture history, and the different impact on the two cultures. 2: Major topics on comparative youth culture In my research, comparing two youth cultures consist of firstly identifying the different upbringing that leads to their ‘youth’ age, the dominance of youth culture, a contextualized bubble-up theory, different occurrences as a factor of the existing youth culture, and the power of internet and mass media. 3: Critical thinking about Youth Culture on Fashion Designers B: Youth Culture 1. Definition of Youth Culture in the different cities In the recent years, youth culture in Singapore is recognized as a growing part of our global economy. Culture, to define, is a custom that builds the foundation of a nation. It anchors to the community and shape one’s lifestyle. “Youth culture” is a community of the younger generation who has a spirit, hence leading the bigger community in the society. Youth culture are always closely associated to popular culture and street culture where the youths are gathered to manifest something out of their creative innovation, often influencing each other from the streets to social media like social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, street culture are identified by the people who spends their time on the street pursuing the things they like to do. Example in United States, Hip-Hop culture is identified as a street culture as it started out with people who like to create their dance moves in parties. The urbanization of Japan that had led to one of the most developed east asian countries began when Tokyo was rebuilt as a city in the 1940s to 1950s. In the 1980s, the number of migrants from other parts of Japan grew with the increase of human population in Tokyo, expanding its talents and human resource in the metropolitan area. This development had saturated their talents, leading to a rise in economy in the inner-city. Tokyo also remained as one of the fastest and most innovative cities that drives productions in electronics with a rich history of their research and development program. Nevertheless, amidst their struggle and their redoubtable background, with such growing patterns happening in


Tokyo, it had served as a conceivable direction as to what other east asian countries would experience aside the impact of the recent disasters. Despite being an asian country, the japanese reigned and grabbed the attention of Paris fashion industry with their unconventionality and their pattern that was heavily influenced by the notion of postmodernism. They gain recognition after building a name for themselves as a revolution after breaking all traditional practices (Jose Teunissen. Jan Brand, 2006). Fashion revolution did not just happen to Japan like that. The “Big 3” designers received recognition in their work while there was an ethnical change in the eighties- japanese street culture in the western society, and their...
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