Singapore Airlines Case Study for Marketing Course

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Management Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: March 23, 2012
Learnings from Singapore Airlines Case Study

This document focuses from the perspective of teachings from class 1 of Marketing. The teachings of the class 1 are: Value for the customers, customer satisfaction, marketing approach, profit making at a superior service and building relationship with customer Singapore airlines goal is service excellence at a profit. Service excellence is achieved by providing a value for the money in general. But, Singapore airlines tried to go beyond the value for the money. Value for the customers/Customer satisfaction:

Singapore airlines created a product with certain benefits and they continuously seek feedback from their front line and customers and improve the product based on the feedback. Once the product is established they don’t stop and be satisfied by that product. Instead they continue to innovate new products to replace the old products and look for ways to provide these new products without a heavy price increase. This increases customer’s satisfaction and value by not increasing the cost. Hence, they strive for increasing the customer satisfaction by keeping the tabs on the costs. The cost control objective is achieved by providing managers an opportunity to work in other departments. The managers acquire the understanding of the overall functioning of the company. They are able to bring new ideas and new perspective to the table. Marketing approach:

Singapore airlines clearly use a combination of market driving and market driven marketing schemes. First, they employed the market driving marketing approach and innovated a service product anticipating the needs of the customers by observing and understanding the changing lifestyles of the people. Once the product is introduced they improved the product by employing the market driven approach where they seek the feedback from several quarters. Profit making at a superior service and building...
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