Singapore Airline Swot Analyse

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Singapore airline SWOT analyse

Singapore international airline has started its journey as Malayan airline in 1947. It was joint venture airline between the two governments of Malaysia and Singapore. It served primarily in the south East Asian region. Singapore Airline was born in 1972 after the independent. Singapore airline faced many difficulties to get the competitive advantages. There were no domestic routes to serve, it was forced to straight away start competing with international airlines for routes, getting right to use to airports, securing flight slots and landing rights, and attracting a new customer base. They built on branded service/ products differentiation strategy from 1972. Modernism, high quality technology, quality services for instant hot meal in flight is introduced by SIA and brilliant customer service were the major drivers of the brand. The company started growing extending services cargo, operates more than seventy destinations, SIA engineering company and SATS. They have young fleets and most technological commercial flights and other subsidiaries’ are Skil Air, Trade winds. They have a strong relationship with the communities, such as education field, needy, handicapped children through sports, arts, and educational supports.  

Question 1
Strategic role – identify / analyze
The mission statement of the company
Strength and weakness, thread and opportunities to the organization Answer
Singapore International airline Mission statement
“Global company for providing air transportation services of the highest quality and to maximize returns for the benefit of its shareholders and employees” They are focusing their current services providing good quality services. No differentiation in treating the customer classes. The Singaporean girls are the customer service (Singapore girls symbol is an indication of the quality customer care and service). Their relationship with the passengers (well treatment, good communication, and hard works on board) and expanding services globally owns many subsidiaries. Maximize the returns and benefit its  shareholders and their employees. SWOT analyzing areas of Singapore airline

Analyzing internal factors
• Singapore international airline culture is a corporate culture, their corporate culture encourage the labours to improve cabin services. The employee unions are clearly stabled in their work. They classified their employees unions according their employment. Company culture leads the SIA to get the competitive advantage. According to Michael Tan, SIA's Senior Executive Vice-President (Commercial)’s statement their company culture is competing in the marketing lead front. • The Singapore airline’s image and reputation are shown high impact on the people in Singapore and the passengers who are from worldwide locations love to fly on the SIA. This is strength of the company. Their services toward their regular customers are encouraged the people to switch it back to SIA. • Structure of the SIA is strong enough. They are having subsidiaries’ this wills to give more profits and they formed subsidiaries in Singapore out of Singapore. They are providing not only passengers transporting services but also they are providing cargo services, around eight countries. SIA has fully owned no frill airline services. These structures are holding the SIA’s market share in high level. • Employees are the asset of their strategic. They are recruited from the global labor markets. The pilots also recruited from the global markets. Around 30000 specialized in their fields. SIA is getting high effective and efficient work from their employees. • They have established hubs and subsidiaries in many countries it is strength of managing their resources effective and efficiency. It will increase the profit of SIA. • SIA has the strong experience of more than fifty years from the beginning of the MSA. Experience is also strength of SIA....
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