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Course Syllabus


BUS 4400 02 Marketing Planning & Analysis
Studies the application of marketing as an integrative process. Topics include analysis of markets, planning and product strategies, and developing a balance in marketing decisions that considers prices, channels of distribution, concerns, sales force, and other factors.

Spring 2013
January 15, 2013
6:00pm-9:15pm, St. Mary’s Hall, Room 208
COURSE MATERIAL: “Marketing Management,14Edition”, Philip Kotler & Kevin Keller, ISBN-10: 0132102927,ISBN-13: 9780132102926, Prentice Hall, 2012
Dr. William Rhyne, D.B.A.
Room CC7: 30 minutes prior to the start of each class or by prearranged appointment.
Students will learn the concepts and terminology/vocabulary used by marketing managers and demonstrate their mastery through writing assignments and the class marketing plan project. Students will learn how to manage the marketing process and decision-making through the marketing plan process.

Students will learn how to take an unstructured business situation, provide the problem structure, analyze it, and provide recommendations.
Students will present their recommendations and will critically evaluate other presentations from the perspective of an investor, CEO team, or bank loan officer, depending on the context of the presentation.

ACADEMIC HONESTY: Academic honesty is a cornerstone of our values at NDNU. If any words or ideas used in an assignment submission do not represent your original words or ideas, you must cite all relevant sources and make clear the extent to which such sources were used. Words o r ideas that require citation include, but are not limited to, all hard copy or electronic publications, whether copyrighted or not, and all verbal or visual communication when the content of such communication clearly originates from an identifiable source. Consult the NDNU Student Handbook regarding consequences of misrepresenting your work .

PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY: One of the highlights of the NDNU academic experience is that students often use real-world examples from their organizations in class discussions and in their written work. However, it is imperative that students not share information that is confidential, privileged, or proprietary in nature. Students must be mindful of any contracts they have agreed to with their companies.

LEARNING and OTHER DISABILITIES: If you have a learning disability or other circumstance that requires accommodations in this class, you must bring it to the attention of Program for Academic Support and Services (PASS) to arrange for possible accommodations (650-508-3670).

Course number

revised 10/04/11

Course Syllabus

SYLLABUS UPDATES: Refer to this syllabus for course assignments. However the course syllabus and schedule are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances. Your will be notified of any changes made to the syllabus. In all circumstances University policies will be strictly adhered to. CLASS ATTENDANCE: Your attendance is very important to your studies at the University. Nonattendance or lack of participation in the class will be considered during the grading process. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the drop or withdrawal. There are no exceptions. W RITTEN ASSIGNMENTS: The School of Business and Management requires the use of the American Psychology Association (APA) publication guidelines as a standard for all papers. LATE HOMEWORK: Assignments are to be completed and submitted at the start of each class meeting. Assignments not turned in on time are considered late. Late assignments will be accepted only for one week after the due date; after which time the assignment will not be accepted. Only up to two assignments may be turned in late during the duration of the...
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