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Topics: Singapore, History of Singapore, Malaysia Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Name: Florence Sim (32) Class: 2E3 Date: 25 May 2012
(June Holiday Homework)
Integrated Humanities – Performance Task
A Trip to the Singapore History Museum
Secondary 2 Express/Normal Academic 2012
Report on Trip to the Singapore History Gallery
Treaty of Friendship and Alliance between Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles and Sultan Hussein and Temenggong Abdul Rahman (6 February 1819)

This artifact relates to the event ‘Arrival of Raffles’. This is a facsimile of the treaty which marks the birth of Singapore. It gave the East India Company the right to set up a trading settlement, in exchange for installing Sultan Hussein in a new kingdom in Singapore and granting the Sultan and the Temenggong a share of trade. The treaty led to a dispute between the British and the Dutch over its legality, which was resolved with the 1824 Anglo-Dutch Treaty dividing the Malay Archipelago into British and Dutch spheres of influence. An original copy of the treaty is believed to be in Johor. This event caused Singapore to be influenced by the leaders to become a better country. Japanese Occupation broadsheet (left) and poster (right)


This pair of artifacts relate to the event ‘Japanese Occupation, WWII’. The Japanese military administration adopted various means to inculcate a sense of the “Japanese spirit” in the local population. This broadsheet has the illustrations of the finer points of Japanese etiquette. During the Occupation, the Japanese emphasised that people must take care of their physical well-being in the same way that Malai (Japanese Malaya) was guarded by its people. This poster features illustrations of body exercises that were performed according to instructions broadcast over the radio. This event shows that Singaporeans had a lot of influence from the Japanese Occupation.

Police Pistol Holder (Leather); Police Baton (Wood); Police Truncheon (Plastic); Police Intercom (Wicker); Police Shield (Metal); Police Radio; Police Turret Bell; All...
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