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  • Published: February 15, 2013
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Shornora Miller
PHI 208 Ethnics and Moral Reasoning
Instructor Mark Cohn
January 21, 2013

We don’t need proof of God existence.
Growing up in a Baptist family I was always told that we are protected by a higher power. The higher power to some is known as God. It has been many debates on whether God really exist. I ask my parent’s one day how do we really know if it is a God when we cannot see him? I was told in order to believe in God we have to have faith. According to Collins English Dictionary the definition of faith is describe as “faith confidence or trust in a person or thing, belief that is not based on proof, belief in God or in doctrines or teaching of religion, a system of religious belief”. People have to have faith in their heart to actually believe God who is unseen really do exist. It is easy to just believe that he do not exist because one cannot physically see or touch him. For people who believe we don’t need to see him or touch him to know that God is real. We do not need proof of god existence. At some point in our life we may question the existence of God. This type of questioning could happen for a numerous reasons. For example we hear about all the bad things that have occurred around the world we may lose our faith or wonder why does God allow these terrible things to happen? As humans we all have a natural instinct to try to find the answers to the things that we ourselves cannot understand. Many Philosophers have spent a great amount of their life time trying to prove or disapprove the existence of god, but do we really need proof that God exist? This question may be tough for some to answer do to the fact that there are people that would say yes and then there are the other people that would say no. I myself have at one time in my life questioned the existence of God due to the fact that I have had my share of hurt in my life. With everything that has happened to me and others I can say that I have never lost my faith. I don’t...
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