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Field Medical Service School
Camp Pendleton
FMST 0218
Field Communication

1.Given a tactical scenario in any combat environment, a SINCGARS field radio operator maintenance equipment, accessory bag, battery, frequency assignment, and a radio station within range, use a single channel ground and airborne radio system (SINCGARS) to transmit field communication, to support mission requirements. (FMST.02.18) ENABLING LEARNING OBJECTIVES

1.Without the aid of references, given a description or title, identify the components of the man-pack configuration of the SINCGARS radio, per the student handout. (FMST.02.18a) 2.Without the aid of references, given a description or title, identify the controls of the man-pack configuration of the SINCGARS radio, per the student handout. (FMST.02.18b) 3.Without the aid of references, given a list of steps, sequence the procedures to load single channel frequencies on the SINCGARS radio, per the student handout. (FMST.02.18c) 4.Without the aid of references, given a letter of the alphabet, identify the proper phonetic alphabet term, per the student handout. (FMST.02.18d) 5.Without the aid of references, given the necessary equipment, use the SINCGARS radio to transmit field communication, per the student handout. (FMST.02.18e)

1.OVERVIEW - The Single Channel Ground & Airborne Radio Systems (SINCGARS) are radios in a family of VHF-FM combat net radios designed to provide the primary means of command and control for combat, combat service, and combat service support units. a.Single Channel Mode - When using the single channel mode of operation, the radio communicates using a single frequency. For the SINCGARS radio, this single channel can be selected by use of the Receiver-Transmitter keyboard (like a telephone keypad). The advantage of SINCGARS is that 8 individual single channel frequencies can be loaded into the radio, and the operator can select any one of those channels by flipping a switch. b.Frequency Hopping Mode - Another method of secure transmissions is using the SINCGARS in the FH mode. This mode reduces the enemy’s capability to jam your traffic or to use direction-finding equipment to establish your location. When properly loaded with data, the SINCGARS hops (cycles) through more than 100 frequencies per second during transmissions in the FH mode. When communicating in the FH mode, the communicating stations must be on the same net. This means that they both must be operating on the same time (clock) and have the same data loaded and on the same hop-set (channel). Up to six channels can be loaded for FH operations at any given time. 2.OTHER FEATURES

a.Remote Operations - The SINCGARS radio can be operated by the use of remote equipment b.Retransmission - The radio is capable of conducting retransmission operations in conjunction with other radios. Because of the SINCGARS capabilities (SC and FH) the retransmit function allows a wider use of retransmitting functions than with older radios. c.Frequency Range - The SINCGARS operates in the VHF range from 30.000 to 87.975 MHz. d.Range - One of the features of the SINCGARS radio is the operator's ability to select the power output of the radio by use of a selector switch. This feature allows you to reduce your electronic footprint by operating in a lower power or to reach far away stations using a higher setting. The switch has four positions: LO, M, HI, and PA. The maximum transmission ranges for each of the settings is as follows: (1)LO (low power) - 200 to 400 meters

(2)M (medium power) - 400 meters to 5 kilometers
(3)HI (high power) - 5 kilometers to 10 kilometers
(4)PA (power amplifier) - 10 kilometers to 40 kilometers. Only vehicle-mounted radios equipped with a power amplifier can utilize this setting. Manpack and vehicle radios not equipped the power amplifier can only use settings LO, M, and HI. When using the...
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