Sin Tax

Topics: Tax, Indirect tax, Taxation in the United States Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: January 25, 2013
The sin tax law, or the law that raises taxes on tobacco and alcohol products, took affect last January 1, 2013. The law has been sugarcoated as a necessary imposition if the country is ever to curtail the people’s patronage of product scientifically proven to be harmful to health. The hazard they pose against public should have been enough to make the product illegal, in the same manner that certain substances have in fact been banned. But constitutional right and fears of public backlash have tempered and diluted all the valid concern for health. So in other word, a dangerous thing can be tolerated for as long as a certain penalty is paid, much in the same way as giving permits to illegal activities for as long was violators are willing to pay the price.

The Sin Tax Law, kicked in the new year with a whole new perspective on vice and revenues What sours the proposition is the fact that the country makes money out of its concern for public health. the government chose to be accommodating in people are willing to pay the price. The consequence of this compromise is the fact that the public health message fails to come across for the simple reason that a practice, such as smoking, is being tolerated in favor of money for the government.

The researcher doesn’t know if this article is anti or pro, because it show a positive and negative side. For consumer it is good to know that not all the article is focus on the additional income. The researchers think that way because the country could have banned the consumption of these product. The article has lot of good questions but there are no answers.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) came out on Tuesday with guidelines imposing higher taxes on cigarette and alcohol product starting January 1, 2013. Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima signed a twelve page Revenue Regulations No. 17 – 2012 implementing the sin tax lan (Republic Act 10351) based on the...
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