Sin Nombre

Topics: Sin Nombre, Film, Gang Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: March 11, 2011
Sin Nombre

a)Title: Sin Nombre
b)Country movie was made in: Mexico City
c)Director: Cary Fukunaga
d)Names of actors:
Paulina Gaitan – Sayra
Edgar Flores – Willy aka El Casper
Kristyan Ferrer – Smiley

2.I have not seen a lot of Spanish films so and really don't know that much about the culture so I am not sure how much of the film is based of real facts or not. While watching it with some friends, I asked them if they thought people really rode on the top of trains, and they said yes, that they had been to Mexico before and it was very poverty stricken. Listening to the language being spoken in the movie by fluent speakers is way different than what it sounds like in our class.

3.I found most difficult in the movie to make out actual words I knew. For example, as I was reading the English sub titles and in the dialogue may have been the word grandma – which I know – but to actually make out the actor saying 'Abuela' was found to be a lot tougher than I thought. There was quite a few words that I was able to make out and understand, but with out the subtitles I would have been lost. I found it easier than I thought to follow along with the movie while reading the subtitles. I was worried when we started the movie I was going to be concentrating so hard on reading that I wasn't really going to pay attention to the movie itself.

4.During the movie, I just couldn't believe how young some of the kids were that were in the gangs. (like I had mentioned earlier, I am not sure how much is or isn't factual) but while watching the movie, I was surprised that Smiley was accepted in the gang at such a young age. I kept wondering, where are his parents? Why isn't he home with them or why aren't the parents telling him to come home?

5.I would completely recommend this movie to people. I really enjoyed watching it and feel that I would like to watch more Spanish movies. I not only think its a whole genre of movies I have never thought...
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