Simulation Using Arena

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A car manufacturing facility is simulated and analysed using arena

Assignment 1
MN5543: Systems Modelling and Simulation

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List of Figures3
List of Tables3
1. Introduction4
2. Procedure4
2.1 Building the Model4
2.2 Collecting Results10
2.3 Animation13
3. Discussion15
3.1 Simulation results16
3.2 Process Improvement18
3.3 Enhancing Distribution Network19
4. Conclusion20

List of Figures

Figure 1: Assign parameters to each car type4
Figure 2: Call assigned process parameters to the process5
Figure 3: Define process parameters for the process5
Figure 4: Leave dialog box6
Figure 5: Transporter data module6
Figure 6: Distance data module6
Figure 7: Enter dialog box7
Figure 8: Batch and Separate dialog boxes7
Figure 9: Factory working schedule8
Figure 10: Resource data module8
Figure 11: Failure data module8
Figure 12: Queue data module9
Figure 13: Run Setup9
Figure 14: Project Parameters Tab10
Figure 15: Decide module with 2-way by condition option11
Figure 16: Count Sub model and expanded sub model11
Figure 17: Statistic Data module with expressions11
Figure 18: Sub-model for balking orders11
Figure 19: Final flowchart model12
Figure 20: Animating the states of ‘Painter’ resource13 Figure 21: Animation of Assembly line during working hours14 Figure 22: Animation of Assembly line during the non working hours14 Figure 23: Temporary car park during animation14

Figure 24: Animated transport15
Figure 25: Distribution network19

List of Tables

Table 1: Utilisation of Resources16
Table 2: Queue time for Stations17
Table 3: Average distance travelled by Lorries18
Table 4: Fuel consumption (Litres per Mile) for different factory locations20

1. Introduction

Operations management concerned with overseeing, designing, and controlling the production process or business operations. This involves building an efficient and effective operation through out the process. Process improvements starts with a good understanding of the operation and the most effective method to gain an in depth understanding about the operation is to simulate the operation using the data collected from the existing process. Simulating the operation provides a platform to collect the necessary data about the current status of the operation and to build a model which mimics the actual process. This not only allows the analyst to gain an understanding about the process but also allows analysing impact of new ideas offline, without causing disruptions to the process or service. 

Arena simulation software by Rockwell automation is a Discrete Event Simulation software which provides a flexible platform for simulation and system modelling as it provides users of different expertise the tools required to model the system at the required details. Arena has pre designed templates for the novice users who use the software to simulate simple business processes and also provides a more advanced programming using Visual Basic programming language for the advance users.

This report explains simulation and analysis of the process of a hand made luxury automobile manufacturing facility where the cars are made to order and distributed to the customers through 5 showrooms located in 5 different cities.

2. Procedure

Procedure followed to simulate the car assembly process is described in the following three sections. Section 2.1 describes the simulation of the process to represent the process parameters. Section 2.2 explains the procedure followed to acquire the required results from the model. Finally the section 2.3 describes how the model is animated.

2.1 Building the Model

First a create module is used to create the car orders at the...
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