Simulation Tools and Techniques Compare with Real Life

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Simulation Tools and Techniques Compare with Real Life
The simulation provided many different tools and technique to use in making the decision for the Organization. To begin with, the goal was given and that goal was to increase the sales of one of the Organization’s electronic stores. Like the goal of many Organizations today profit is a top priority. In order for this increase to happen it is necessary to use every technique and tool available. Much like the techniques used in the simulation such as the influence diagrams, this illustrated how each decision could affect the sales or employees or even the Company as a whole, every Organization must look at where each decision would have the greatest influence and which has the worst impact. Brainstorming is also an important tool to use when making a decision that impacts many stakeholders. When faced with a goal there will always be issues along the way so brainstorming can provide the possibilities as well as the possible solutions. Cause and effect diagrams are used along with charts and graphs and meetings with employees as well customers. Databases are important to use with the diagrams and charts; having current and accurate data to base a decision off of is extremely important in making the correct one.

All of the information given in the simulation helped in visualizing what the possible outcome to each solution could be. After deciding on which problem was most critical, the simulation gave the optimal answers. Then, the student could pick from a list of solutions and again the optimal answers were compared with the ones given by the student. If only every Organization had this ability to pick from a list of problem and solutions and have the computer state whether or not it was the optimal answer. Since, this software is not used an Organization must rely on the data, charts and graphs, as well

as diagrams. So, it is important to identify the correct problem, know the goals that...
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