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The simulation exercise was extremely interesting; it was very realistic in the sense that almost every element that occurred throughout the day was relatable to my real life experience. It was great that everyone settled into their role and performed how they would have as if it was a real organization; from the time I arrived to the end of debriefing, I felt like I just started a new job and it was my first day at work. This paper is a reflection of my experience from the simulation; I will discuss my day from a few different points of view starting with surface personal power, followed by surface structure power, and lastly the system dynamics of the entire group. Surface Personal Power

The simulation provided me with great chance to develop self-awareness of my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to situations where I need to exercise power in a social setting. I was astonished to find that I am quite a passive person and I felt very powerless throughout the day. Even though I have always believed and knew myself as a capable outgoing person, however through this experience I was able to discover new and different things about myself. In an unfamiliar environment, instead of being the person I usually am, I actually have difficulties expressing my opinions, in addition, I feel I do not have the willingness to be the high achiever and confident person I am. Although in real life I have exceled at every job I have held, I realized it takes me much longer than necessary to get into character and take a leadership role. During this exercise, I find I have lost my personal “will and skill”. In real life, I am very driven with in my career, and am always the go-to person on the team, however this simulation made me realize being in a new organization takes me much longer than necessary adapt. This feeling began from the hiring process, it was done by randomly selecting individuals in the room who is interested in the job. I was not chosen for any of them, which is very similar to reality, although I applied to 50 jobs that fits my experiences and qualifications, the majority will end with rejections. In this case, I did not have any power in determining the ability to be hired for a position, instead of being outspoken and standout in the crowd, I decided to accept my fate as a general operations employees; I felt like I was at the bottom of the food chain, completely at the mercy of the management. In real life, I am used to taking on the role of the team leader in a team environment, but this simulation exercise has made me realize my weaknesses in taking the leadership role. As mentioned earlier, I did not realize the amount of it takes me to adapt to a role. On the other hand, Naureen was very outspoken, and quickly took charge of designing the card. I have always been an introvert growing up, and it is not until very recently that I realized that being an extrovert and networking with others is more important than excelling at what I do. By taking my time to be polite and getting used to the new environment, I gave up my chance to be the leader of the team, and was forced to work by someone else’s rules and ideas. My failure to take charge also gives others a competitive advantage, power, and leadership role that can get them noticed in an organization. Our team worked relatively cohesively throughout the day, we began with great ideas and made multiple designs for the “humourous birthday card” category. We put in great effort into making a great card, however our design was rejected repeated by the management team. In addition, we were given limited direction and reason for the rejection, which caused frustration when we needed to fix the design. With the tasks at hand and deadline approaching, I felt overwhelmed with work. Thinking back, we could have probed and questioned the management team in giving us more guidance, however due to our acceptance of the hierarchy, we did not...
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