Simulation of Sales Promotions Towards Buying Behavior Among University Students

Topics: Sales promotion, Marketing, Discounts and allowances Pages: 16 (5600 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Simulation of Sales Promotions towards Buying Behavior
Among University Students

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of sales promotion on buying behavior among university students. Specifically, Kongunadu Arts and Science College was chosen as study location. The research data was collected from 171 respondents. The data were collected using self-administrated questionnaires. This study found that there was no significant difference between gender and buying behavior (t = -1.003, p > 0.05). There were significant relationship between attitude towards price discounts (r = 0.372, p < 0.01), coupons (r = 0.270, p < 0.01), free samples (r = 0.256, p < 0.01) and "buy-one-get-one-free" (r = 0.338, p < 0.01) with buying behavior. Results of Hierarchical Multiple Regression found that of the four variables, price discount (ß = 0.256) was more influential that of buy-one-get-one free (ß = 0.183), coupon discounts (ß = 0.014) and free samples (ß = 0.040). The findings of this study would help marketers to understand the types of promotion that significantly influence buying behaviour of the respondents. Hence, this could help marketers in their marketing planning to become more competitive and gain profit. Keywords: Sales promotion. Buying behavior. University students 1. Background of Study

Many purchase situations are so habitual that consumers conduct very little cognitive activity (Wathieu & Murre, 2007). In such cases, it is hard to motivate behaviors such as brand svwtching or increases in the number of units purchased. One of the advantages of promotions is that they can stimulate consumers to think and evaluate brands and purchase possibilities when they otherwise may not have. Therefore, many marketers and retailers utilize different kinds of promotion tools and strategies in order to understand the preference of consumers and boost their sales. Normally, sales may attract more customers spend their money, make consumption and purchase the products they wish during this super save period as the they believed that during the sales promotion, prices of all products are cheaper than usual. This phenomenon shows that some of the consumers are easily tempted when they see the word of sales promotion. Other than price reductions, coupon or rebate given by the retailer and other promotional tools like free sample, bonus pack and "buy one get one free" were found to be inducing consumer buy more than they expect (Gilbert, 1999). What are more crucial now are consumers themselves not aware the influence of sales promotion on their buying behaviour and especially little is understood about their responds to the various promotional strategies practice by marketers. This will eventually lead to over-consuming and buy the products which are not necessary and useless.

2. Purpose and Significant of Study
Research on marketing tools is indeed important to understand the most influencing tools to compete with competitors. Through this information, marketers and retailers could well plan their resources to gain the maxiirium profit. Thus this study aim to investigate the preference of consumer on different promotional tools, marketers and retailers will able to aware of the consumer behavior so that they can utilize the right and th most effective promotion technique to attract customers. From the consumer perspective, this study will reveal the consumer attitude toward sales promotion and thus raise the awareness of consumers about their behavior that influenced by sales promotion. It also presents better understanding and information to consumers where their purchase behavior will be affected differently due to different type of promotional tools.

3. Literature Review
Promotion is one of the techniques to attract consumers to purchase more or try a product or service. Severe outcomes of promotion included sales increased, quantify of stock used and attract new consumers. For...
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