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  • Published : January 20, 2012
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Simulation Lab
Group #5
Dynamic Systems 1, ME3211

David Cramer
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Cory Spelman
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Table of Contents

The objective of this lab was to understand how to use the Working Model 2D software and to apply this knowledge to create a vibration absorber. Part 1 was to open up a demo file and analyze the force vs. time of the piston. Part 2 was to create a vibration absorber. The reason for creating the vibration absorber was to limit the motion of a punch press. This press causes unwanted vibrations that affect nearby equipment during operation. The vibration of this press was to be dissipated using a mass and spring sized appropriately for the size of the press and its motion. Calculations

The reciprocal motion of the press was given by Equation 1:
RPM=440+5*group numberπ (1) where group number was 5 and RPM is the reciprocal motion of the press in revolutions per minute. This motion was converted to radians per second by using Equation 2: ω=RPM*2π60 (2) where (2π)/(60) was used to convert the revolutions per minute to radians per second. The mass of the press and table top was given as 320kg. The mass for the vibration absorber, ma, was calculated using Equation 3: kama=ω2 (3) where ω was found based on Equation 2 and ka was found using Equation 4: ka=(4450+50*group number) (4) where group number was 5 and ka was found in units of Newtons per meter. These values were used to construct a mass spring system suspended from the table top with mass ma and spring ka. Another mass spring system was created with a mass five...
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