Simple Stimulus Learning

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Simple Stimulus Learning
Lauren N. Jones
Psychology 550
February 28, 2011
Dr. Rachel Needle

Simple Stimulus Learning
“Stimulus learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior, or behavior repertoire which occurs as a result of experience” (Terry, 2009). Since there is no possible way to observe knowledge itself, behaviors are our only source of observing what has taken place concerning learning. Learning is an inclusion of the potential for change in behavior. This change in behavior is demonstrated when allowed through knowledge display.

Stimulus learning ranges from simple forms of learning. Habituation and conditioning are simple forms of learning. Stimulus learning simply involves a stimulus being introduced. The stimulus that has been introduced manipulates the behavior, thus accomplishing the process of stimulus learning. Concept of Habituation

“Habituation is a simple form of learning” (Terry, 2009, p. 26). According to Terry (2009), “habituation is the decrease in orienting (and other) reactions to a stimulus that is repeatedly presented” (p. 26). A general pattern of habituation takes place within a familiar reply. If an individual moves to an area heavily populated with traffic, the individual may be startled at first. However, being in the house for a while, the individual will grow accustomed to hearing the traffic and will become habituated to the orienting response. The concept of habituation permits individuals to pay no attention to a particular stimulus after being exposed to it repeatedly and feeling that it is no longer of harm or alarm.

Habituation can be furthered described by several parametric features according to Thompson and Spencer (1966). The parametric features described represent a standard set of criteria for evaluating habituation across different species, tasks, or responses. The more the stimulus is presented, the less of a response produced. There exist explanations for the presence of habituation. Terry...
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