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When and how did i-mode create new buyer utilities? What is „i-mode´s business model?”

The new service as „i-mode” start on 22 February 1999. Initially 67 content providers participated in the new service, with sites ranging from banking to Karaoke.

Thanks to „i- mode” always and everywhere we can use from informative services, the universal bank services, stock quotations, reservation of tickets. Telephone is guide after cinemas restaurants, clubs etc. However the largest popularity have service LadyCall (which addressees are teenage Japanese), dedicated the newest trends of fashion, the most popular idols and actors including many different information which was should know, to distinguish in peers' company.

Young users are the prime motor of success „i- mode”. They are almost half of all subscribers. The users „i- mode” not pay for time duration the connection, but for quantity of sended data. Dispatch or receipt one packet (128 bytes) carries out 3 yens (about 12 groszy), and regular payment 300 yens (about 12 złoty) monthly.

Some services available by authorized partners require bringing additional, small payments. They are small, but they make up the powerful source of earnings. Provides by that example of Bandai firm- the Japanese potentate of amusement industry- in price 1 USD monthly sends every day everyone of subscribers the small animation. Only this one service is in Japan about 2 million users.

„I-Mode's” Business model

„I-mode” has been extraordinarily successful in Japan. This is because of its outstanding convenience and it's unique business model. Its reliance on this system offers an innovative approach to the mobile service value chain and to wireless service / Internet relationships.

Exists close cooperation with equipment manufacturers, content providers, and other platforms to ensure that wireless technology, content quality, and user experience evolve jointly. This synchronization guarantees that customers, partners...
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