Simple Pleasures

Topics: Meaning of life, Purpose, Cardboard box Pages: 2 (866 words) Published: October 24, 2010
When you become a young adult, life is never as simple as it used to be. Back in your single-digit ages, you have feelings of elation and excitement when holding a crisp ten-dollar bill in your hand. Today, it is replaced by discomfort and uneasiness when you find out it’s the only bill you have in your empty wallet. The feeling of enlightenment when learning something new is replaced by irritation when you ask yourself why you didn’t learn it sooner. A mission most children wish to pursue is the mission to enjoy each moment of every day – a mission that does not change with age. However, as you get older, drives for other purposes overshadow this childhood mission and it becomes harder to enjoy life like you’ve done before. Let me take you back to a time where childhood innocence is at its peak; where the simplest things create the simplest forms of enjoyment.

The sound of unpacking reverberated throughout the house. Hearing zippers zipping, furniture dragging, and boxes ripping became too much of a chore to listen to. I decided to explore this strange and new place I would call my home. I made my way up the stairs and poked my little head into each and every room. As I made my way to the largest room – the master bedroom my parents occupied – my undivided attention turned to the comforting sensation at my feet. The carpeting that covered most of the floors was incredibly springy and soft. I bent down, gently placed my fingers through the cozy fabric, and slowly waved them from side to side. The friction gave warmth that continued to give me that comforting feeling. I laid myself down and placed my cheek on this plush carpet. I close my eyes and imagined myself lying on a fluffy cloud, enjoying every second of it. Just the thought alone made me want to sleep out of comfort right then and there. It’s funny how something as simple as carpeting would keep me entertained. The smell of packaging tape and cardboard boxes continued to perfume the rest of the house,...
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