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'A Simple Philosophy' by Seathl ( An English Assignment )
English Assignment

# Bring out the critical significance of chief Seathl’s frequent use of the adjective ‘savage’ for himself and his people in his letter to the President of the United States in the year 1855.

The letter, ‘A Simple Philosophy’, written by the Red Indian Chief Seathl of the Suwamish tribe of the State of Washington, to the US President Franklin Pierce is a great piece of sarcasm and also bears inexorable consequences that he was apprehensive about - & which the Earth is facing today. The Red Indian Chief has skilfully tried to aid and abet a passionate interest towards the well being of the nature and the so called ‘beasts’, which the ‘white man’ used to kill with immense pleasure.

A critical ideology relating to the utter futility of nature's destruction roused in Seathl’s heart that eventually made him try to make the white man aware of the verve and vitality of a healthy environment that is required for the existence of human race. Along with the sarcastic elucidation of the wrongdoings in the corridor of white man’s power and pleasure, the great chief of the Red Indian tribe had to be humble. The use of the term ‘savage’, in any way, is defending the Chief from being counter-attacked. The utter humbleness with which Seathl has tried to light the idea of being eco-benign,  has been appreciated with self-acceptance of the red tribe being a savage. In a nut-shell, Seathl has cogently tried to make the US President very clear about the fact that the concept and ideologies of the white men, in accordance with their dealing with nature is merely fallacious, at least on the face of it.

‘SAVAGE’ – a term of disgrace, dishonour, humiliation, self-detestation and obloquy, when used for a whole community illumines the condition and circumstances under which the letter has been framed. The dominance and the strong foothold of the ‘white men’ in that region had subdued the Red...
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