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Topics: Love, Self-esteem, Profanity Pages: 5 (1491 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Barriers to belong (The Simple Gift)
* Billy has experienced growing up in a dysfunctional family. His father is abusive and neglects * Billy feels no regret for leaving his father since there is a lock of love * Billy feels alienated or out of place at school and his community; he hates both- yet billy loves Westfield (he feels at home here) * Billy is estranged from his father because his father is uncaring and abusive * Billy appreciates the hospitality of Ernie and compares him to his father (Ernie is better than his father) * Billy experiences caring and compassion from Ernie who provides him with gifts of food and warmth * Billy experiences a whelming acceptance by the librarian

Aspects| Textual evidence| Technique| How does the technique convey the idea| Alienated from home and community school (places)| “may you all get well and truly stuffed” pg5“dead beat no-hoper shithole lonely downtrodden house” pg4| Expletive (swearing, vulgar language)Listing | Indicates his derision with his place of growing up demonstrates his lack of engagement with school like suggest his feelings of contentment| Feels secure at home at Westfield creek (place)| “Westfield’s creek, my favourite classroom”pg6| Emotive language “favourite”| Suggests his feelings of contentmentConveys his affinity with this place which offers him nurturing and contentment| Detests his father, feels no love, estranged (people)| “the old bastard”| Disrespectful epithet (e.g. name tag)| Conveys his hatred of his father who has never loved him| Appreciates Ernie’s simple gift of hospitality (people)| “Make a cuppa… keep warm”“gave me one hard, backhander… so hard I fell down”| ImperativenessSymbolism of a simple giftContrast| Shoes Ernie’s compassion for a stranger Contrast, earnest and generosity with his father’s neglect and violence| Feels content in the library| “that’s me on the deserted island… in bendarat library”| Metaphor| That he seems isolated and secluded in his own world when he starts reading| Security is provided by a new home| “Carriage 1864... my motel bendarat”| Metaphor| Reflects the irony of his situation where a deserted carriage can be regarded as a home|

Varying over time
Relationships (to people and places)
Relationships to people
Billy with old bill| Sharing the hobo hour | Humour/ metaphor| Conveys the comradeship of the homeless- companionship| | Piss off son piss off. Leave me alone| Expletive| Portrays the rejection| | Giving some smokers to “a bum like me”| Coarse, crude or vulgar language| Devalues he’s personal self-esteem emphasising his worthlessness| | I am listening to the saddest man in the word| Superlative| | | Bill had been ‘too busy for sitting down with people I loved. And now I’ve got all the time in the world | Irony| | | Keys| Motif of belonging| |

| Two hobos laughing the morning away| | |
| I laugh as well sure there’s hope in the world even for hobos like us| | | | I’ll work less on beer for a while. For the kids’ sake.| | | | Don’t worry about the house and its ghosts, I’m taking them with me| | | | I love the house. I said to old bill| | |

| I looked up into the sky, the deep that old bill and I shared| | | Billy with Caitlin| And me a badly dressed satellite spinning crazily in her orbit| | Disorienting but pleasant effects of falling in love and feeling adoration devotion| | Green emerald stones mall and shinning like her eyes| Symbols| Represents a token of love acceptance and devotion| | It was like falling headlong into the clear waters… the phosphorescent bubbles of light| | | | The special world and we could float safe for a lifetime lost and hoping never to be found| | | | I hope for someone to talk to look in the eye and knowing they will look back| | | | It was like falling headlong into the clear water of the bendarat river...
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