Simple Gift Essay

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  • Published : March 10, 2008
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To a significant degree, The Simple Gift written by Steven Herrick describes a number of events along a pathway of personal growth for the three main characters in this story, which are Billy, Old Bill and Caitlin. In this story Billy originally comes from an unacceptable town from a n abusive drunken, violent father. He disliked his school and had no mother, love, education and a proper home. Old Bill is a lonely, homeless, alcoholic man that lives in a carriage. Due to the death of his wife and daughter Old Bill became a man with no pride and no purpose in life. He has a home but refuses to live in it alone with no real love and family. Caitlin is nearly an 18 years old girl that has a good education and very wealthy parents. She works part time when she has no studies at MacDonald's. She doesn't really need to but to get out of the house and do more things. She has everything she wants in her life materially but doesn't really want it or need it all. She lacks sense of purpose and satisfaction in her life. In Billy's life he had never really had a proper relationship with his family nor friends. He just wanted someone to love him who loves him back. This slowly changes when he met Old Bill. He is like a father figure to him and felt when he was staying in the carriage with Old Bill that it was his real home and only family. Old Bill had a strong relationship and connection with Billy but never really showed it. Inside Old Bill would really appreciate it how Billy would make him breakfast every morning and stopped him from drinking beer as often as he would. They both worked at the cannery and earned their share. In a big return for all the good and helpful things Billy did for Old Bill he helped him out when he was having problems with the welfare people and lent him his house to cover up. Caitlin was a very generous and non-selfish girl
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