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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Reflective Essay Two
The lessons last week were quite eye opening for me. There were many sections discussed and what seemed to be hundreds of various topics. Starting off with Four Lenses was a nice start to the new week. I not only learned about what “color” my personality represents but I also got to see the various other “colors” that my classmates feel into. It was fun to see what color they really were then to actually get to see some of that personality in action. Next was Emergent Leadership Issues. To be honest, this was a blur but it was just a brief intro into the subject. Diversity was an issue I was already well aware of but the lesson did provide a little more information to help me with any issues I could come across back at my home station. An example of what I found to be new was; I didn’t know there were a primary dimension of diversity and a secondary dimension of diversity. Primary deals with the make-up of the person such as gender, sex, age, etc. but the secondary actually deals with income, work ethic, personality; things that deal mostly with that person’s own life motivations. Managerial Communication is where I felt my heart sink. It primarily deals with written and spoken works. I can write papers all day long but to get in front of a group and speak about those papers is another story. Public speaking is my nightmare but nonetheless, I’m sure I’ll make it through just fine. Ethical Leadership was another interesting day for me. Not only did I get to see, yet again, where I stand but I was able to take the information and apply it to my work center at my home station. The part I enjoyed the most however, was when we demonstrated ethical relativism. Since it deals with what is right and wrong is in the eye of the beholder, it was fun to see fellow classmates debate on the ethical dilemmas given to us. Although we discussed much and more throughout the rest of the week my big “ah ha” moment came when we dove into Full Range Leadership...
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