Topics: Culture, The Culture, Yes It Is Pages: 136 (60538 words) Published: February 22, 2013

Cultural Intelligence
Cultural engagement, understanding and communication in a complex and constantly changing business environment



Aalborg University, July 2009
Culture, Communication and Globalization
Master’s Thesis
Appendix to thesis

Appendix I- 3 -

Appendix II- 6 -
Interview transcript Interviewee I-C- 6 -
Interview transcript Interviewee I-D- 15 -
Interview transcript Interviewee I-E- 32 -
Interview transcript Interviewee I-F- 43 -
Interview transcript Interviewee I-G- 61 -
Interview transcript Interviewee I-H- 74 -
Interview transcript Interviewee I-I- 82 -
Interview transcript Interviewee I-J- 102 -
Interview transcript Interviewee I-K- 118 -
Interview transcript Interviewee I-L- 133 -

Appendix III- 147 -
Skal dit liv handle om liv?- 147 -

Appendix I


Briefing: Thank him/her for participation, introduce myself (name and profession), define the situation for the interviewee (confidentiality, recording, about 50 minutes, plus a short discussion afterwards), briefly state the purpose of the interview, and asking if the interviewee has any questions before the interview

|Main subjects/Researcher questions |Interviewer questions | |Requisite variety: Does the internal complexity match that of |Can you tell me a bit about yourself, and your area of | |the environment? |responsibility at Radiometer? | | |If you look at the entire company here in DK, where do | | |cross-cultural encounters take place and who is involved? | | |How often do you find yourself in cross-cultural encounters? | | |Can you describe a typical cross-cultural work situation? | | |(Specifying question: individual or group settings?) | | |In your experience, how might culture play a role when we talk | | |about solving tasks? Could you give an example? | |Cultural Intelligence and RV: |In your experience, what does it take to handle cross-cultural | | |encounters successfully? Examples? | | |Do you have these skills? (How did you acquire them? Does the | | |company provide any training in this respect?) | |CI: Intercultural Engagement: Which feelings are involved in |How do you feel about engaging in cross-cultural collaborations?| |cross-cultural encounters? What kinds of motivation can be found| | |to generate solutions? | | | |Can you describe a meeting with someone different from you that | | |turned out just the way you wanted to? (Specifying questions: | | |What was the motivation for this meeting and did you experience | | |it? Which skills did you...
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