Simon Yam and Canon Marketing Strategy in Malaysia

Topics: Digital single-lens reflex camera, Canon, Canon Digital IXUS Pages: 5 (1293 words) Published: October 17, 2012
1.Celebrity endorser and Product description
1.1 Celebrity endorser (Simon Yam Tat Wah)
Simon Yam, born 15th March 1955, is a well-known Hong Kong actor, film producer, entrepreneur, and a photographer (Wikipedia, 2012). In a career exceeding 25 years, Yam has appeared in over 125 movies and more than 40 television series. He had won numerous awards and nominations for his professional acting skills. Aside from acting, Yam is also an accomplished photographer, whose work has been exhibited and published in his own photography books. In 1996, he conceptualized a slick, provocative coffee table book entitled “Simon Says”. The book, done for charity, featured the many sides of Yam in a visual diary that included candid photos of celebrities (Simon Yam Biography, 2003). Yam is also active in charity work. He donated and helped fundraisings for many causes, adopted kids from Thailand, financing their education and living expenses through adulthood and more. For his great image, Yam had earned a lot of endorsing opportunities from a wide range of products. 1.2 Product (Canon Cameras)

Canon camera is a well known Japanese brand that it’s main company also produces other optical products including camcorder, printer, photocopiers and more. They are famous for their high quality and reliable products (Wikipedia, 2008). •Canon EOS digital single lens reflex camera (Appendix 1.1)

The Canon EOS autofocus 35mm film DSLR camera system was introduced in 1987 with the Canon EOS 650 and is still in production as Canon’s production. Later on, Canon released numerous models for the Canon EOS systems, such as Canon 550D, Canon 500D, Canon 5D and more in this series.

Canon EOS DSLR cameras are professional cameras and camcorders that give high resolution and produce high quality photos and high definition videos, because it uses a bigger sensor than compact cameras. It is often used by professional photographers, cinematographers and photography students or photography lovers.

It competes primarily with the Nikon F serious as well as other autofocus SLR camera systems from Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Leica and more.

Camera Digital IXUS ultra compact camera (Appendix 1.2)

The Digital IXUS (IXY Digital in Japan and PowerShot Digital ELPH in US and Canada) is a series of compact digital cameras that is line of APS cameras. There are also numerous models of IXUS camera range, which are released with different specifications and different prices.

Canon Digital IXUS are compact cameras that are more affordable to normal users who need a camera to capture pictures for different purposes. It can also be used as a video recorder to record the special moments into short video clips.

It faces competition from other camera producer companies as well as Canon EOS system.

2.Marketing activity of Simon Yam

2.1 Simon Yam with Canon
Simon Yam has become the endorser for Canon Cameras Malaysia for 18 years. Through times, he has done several TV advertisements and prints advertisements with Canon Cameras that have been released to the public in Malaysia.

Other than that, Yam also participated in a few remarkable marketing activities of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Yam has attended the opening ceremony of Canon Boutique in Subang Square, SS15 Selangor on 29th Sept 2011 (Canon Malaysia, 2012). (Appendix 2.1)

Yam visited the Yayasan Sunbeam Home(Orphanage) in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur on behalf of Canon Camera Malaysia to present Canon IXUS cameras as gifts to the home and spent the day with children. (Appendix 2.2) Yam also attended Canon Malaysia’s 25th anniversary in Midvalley Mega on 12nd April 2012 (Motorsport, 2012). As a great endorser and a loyal customer, Yam also done a short movie using Canon 5DMKII, and he often talk about Canon cameras and his enthusiasm towards photography on television shows.

2.2 Other products that Simon Yam is currently endorsing
These products are all with a higher price range,...
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