Similarity and Difference Between 1940s and 1970s in China About Women Vote

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Why women vote
Oct.8 2012
Similarity and difference between 1940s and 1970s in China about women vote

We are so lucky because we live in a relatively democratic society than before. Nowadays, everyone have more equal rights than before, especially the women. Compare with women in 19 century even the beginning of 20 century, we seen live in paradise. At that time women have no rights, cannot get education, cannot join any work related to politics, all the things they can do is housework and take care of children. Although, now there are still few women can be government official. We can be is much better than we cannot be. As time goes on, there are some unequal things changed, but there are still some unequal things need to be change.

Compare my mother’s time and my grandmother’s time. In my grandmother’s time is the hardest time in China. She was born in 1940s after the World War 2 end. After eight years of the war of resistance against Japan, China consumes many manpower and material resources. But good times donot last long, Liberation war broke out after few months. Different from the war of resistance against Japan, this war is between two biggest parties in China. The result of Liberation war is the Communist party won the war. So that, nowadays there is just one party have ruling power in China. And then, new China was set up. However, in the beginning of 1960s the culture revolution was broke out in China. It got start by chairman Mao, he want to strengthen his regime, but it was using by Reactionaries people. At that time, everyone especially women cannot go to school. So, my grandmother just finished her primary school. Till now she have not vote for one time. Although, since 1949 the New China set up, the law allow women to vote and been voted, there are still few women try to vote at my grandmother’s time.

My mother was born in the end of 1960s. It is kind of lucky for my mother, compare with my grandmother, she live in a more democratic...
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