Similarities of Radium and Ddt Exposure

Topics: Radioactive decay, Human body, Energy Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: February 21, 2013
DDT and Radium Exposure
In our country’s past, new and untested dangerous materials could be found in many places. Two of these materials were DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) and Radium. Both These two materials were both similar and different in many ways.

Radium and DDT are similar in a few ways. Both are very rarely found existing in nature. They are similar in that Radium is often found only in compounds and DDT is a compound. Besides that, they both harm the human body. They both mainly cause cancer which cannot be cured. These two materials are very similar when applied to the human body.

These two also have many differences. A major difference is their use. DDT is used to kill microorganisms. It works as a pesticide. Radium is used mainly as paint because it is able to glow. Another difference is their ability to be radioactive. Radium is very radioactive, which is why it affects the body so much. DDT is not radioactive. It does its damage by destroying DNA strands. DDT and Radium are different in more ways than they are similar.

Since their discoveries in the last 1800’s many laws and restrictions have been put in place to prevent new materials from harming humans. In 2001, a committee got together to discuss many new materials that were being used that harmed humans. Their ruling on DDT, which was signed into law reads, “(1) pursuant to section 360kk of this title, develop and administer performance standards for electronic products;

(2) plan, conduct, coordinate, and support research, development, training, and operational activities to minimize the emissions of and the exposure of people to, unnecessary electronic product radiation; (3) maintain liaison with and receive information from other Federal and State departments and agencies with related interests, professional organizations, industry, industry and labor associations, and other organizations on present and future potential electronic product radiation; (4) study and evaluate...
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