Similarities between New Moon and Romeo and Juliet

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Lang, Heather

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March 31, 2011

"Oh Edward, Edward, Wherefore Art Thou Edward"

An analysis of how New Moon is parallel to Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet's well know "star-crossed lovers" tale provides the basis of Stephenie

Meyer's The Twilight Saga New Moon. New moon follows the plot in which Edward Cullen, (a

vampire) is in love with Bella Swan, (a human); thus making this love under normal

circumstances, forbidden. This element as well as the conflict keeping Edward and Bella apart

along with similar character roles mimics Romeo and Juliet's tragic tale, but with a happier


Naturally, people want what they can not have. Romeo and Juliet's families have been fighting

with each other for ages, leading them to their impending doom before their relationship even

begins. Readers might assume that Edward and Bella's relationship is doomed. Edward being a

vampire thirsts for Bella's blood because it smells amazing to him. The only thing stopping him

from devouring her in an instant is his undying love for her. Is this love enough? Stephenie

Meyer writes on the very first page of her novel "This violent delights have violent ends, and in

their triumph die, like fire and powder, which, as they kiss, consume" (Romeo and Juliet, Act II,

Scene VI). This quote on the very first page of her novel implements a foreshadowing parallel to

Romeo and Juliet's prologue. New Moon starts off with Bella trying to avoid going to her own

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eighteenth birthday party that Edward's family had arranged. "Oh be fair Bella! […]? "I thought

my birthday was about what I want" (pg 11) Bella complains. Juliet tries to get out of her party

that her parents want her to attend so she can get to know Paris (Act I sc 3). Bella uses the excuse

of her requirement to watch Romeo and Juliet for a class assignment to get out of celebrating her

birthday. During the movie Edward explains his views on Romeo's numerous mistakes (pg 17).

The beginning scene and chapter of Romeo and Juliet and New Moon have the same story line

serves as a direct parallel to Romeo and Juliet. New Moon's specific references to Romeo and

Juliet works as evidence that New Moon is influenced by Romeo and Juliet.

Bella unwillingly goes to Edward's house for her party and almost gets killed in the process by

Edward's blood thirsty brother because of a paper cut that Bella received from opening a present.

After this incident Edward decides it would be best if he and his family move away permanently

so he does not put Bella's life in any more danger (Love Vampires). In Romeo and Juliet,

Romeo is banished from Verona for killing Juliet's cousin. This example again continues to

show that the plots in both stories are similar because both of the lead male characters had to

leave their loved one.

" Edward is Bella's whole world and his abandonment is a harsh blow. Her whole world falls

apart and as she becomes withdrawn from the world she soon loses most of her friends becoming

more isolated and lonely" ( Love Vampires). During the time that Edward is away, Bella gets

closer to her friend Jacob Black and finds that he is the only person she can confide in (370-371).

He is half human, half werewolf. She secretly has feelings for him but does not acknowledge it

because those feelings could not compare to those that she has for Edward. On the other hand

Jacob loves her. Bella's father, Charlie has known Jacob Black since he was a young child and

prefers that Bella is in a relationship with him rather than Edward. This holds true for Capulet's

Lang, H.3

feelings toward Paris. Once Romeo is banished from Verona, Capulet tries harder to get Juliet to

marry Paris; Juliet resents the idea, just as Bella dislikes the idea that Charlie disapproves of


To get out of marrying Paris, Juliet devises a plan...
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