Similarities Between Islam, Judaism, and Chtistianity

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  • Published : June 29, 2010
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The Similarities with Judaism, Islam
and Christianity Brigitte Nichols
University of Phoenix
June 29, 2010
Jack Killough

Abstract This paper will go over the similarities between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The topics will include the similarities in their beginnings all the way to the present. How they worship will be covered. The rituals of each religion will be discussed. Their beliefs will be covered. How they all view God will be briefed upon. Their morals and ethics will also be discussed.
One of the first similarities between Judaism, Islam and Christianity is that they all accept Abraham as the originator of each religion. The people of each religion endured hardships in their beginnings. Each religion had a major prophet, Christianity and Judaism had Moses and Islam had Muhammad. The prophets of each religion received their book from God. They are also all monotheistic religions. Beliefs All three religions believe there is only one God. They all believe that God is the creator of all things. Each religion also believes in angels and demons. They also believe that salvation can be given through correct belief and good deeds. Rituals The only ritual that these three religions have in common is prayer. Though there are similarities between two of the religions, Islam and Judaism, I cannot find rituals that all three have in common. Ethics and Morals All...
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