Similarities Between Flowers for Algernon and Holes

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  • Published : November 27, 2010
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Similarities between Flowers for Algernon and Holes

In the books, Flowers for Algernon and Holes, the characters and events are similar. Flowers for Algernon, written by Daniel Keyes, had many events that are similar to Holes, written by Louis Sachar, like when Charlie ran away during the convention relates to Zero running away from Camp Green Lake. First, within the book Charlie did not have many friends or family members that were close to him. Stanley did not have many friends as well; he was bullied at school all the time. Secondly, fate leads both Stanley Yelnats and Charlie Gordon into the situations that they were at. Thirdly, the mothers of Charlie and Zero were unknown until later in the story where they soon met them face to face. Lastly, both of the characters, Zero and Charlie’s IQ slowly progress. Charlie increases his IQ by the operation and Zero increasing his IQ by the help of his best friend, Stanley. Ultimately, Flowers for Algernon and Holes are similar because the characters and events are very similar.

Within the books, the main characters, Charlie and Stanley did not have many friends, soon all this changed. Teasing and bullying is one of the most destructive activities that happen everywhere. Since Charlie is known to be mentally challenged, he gets teased by his co-workers without even knowing. Charlie thought they were friends and laughing together. Yet he did not think that they were laughing at him. The minor characters, Frank Reilly and Joe Carp, are the bullies that often picked on Charlie. “The people at the party were a bunch of blurred faces all looking down and laughing at me” (42). This quote shows how Charlie had been treated which is terrible. Charlie was like the butt of the joke which Charlie could not understand at the time. In the other book Holes, Stanley was bullied by his school mates and he also had no friends. Before the incident of Stanley going to Camp Green Lake, Stanley hated school; he hated everyone at...
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