Similarities between Dogs and Cats

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Dogs vs. Cats
English 121
September 11, 2011

Dogs and cats have many similarities. They both make great companions. They both are good hunters and they both have been in existence for thousands and thousands of years. In many homes all over the world you will be able to find at least one if not two of these animals. In most of those homes one could probably find one of each.

Dogs are known for hunting, herding animals, obedience and police use. Dogs are also common for assisting people with needs. Dogs domesticated from wolves 15,000 years ago. Cats are also known for hunting. Cats are also known for being comforting for people with needs and the elderly. Cats like dogs have been around for 15,000 years ago (or more).

It is a known fact that cats and dogs have exceptional hearing. They both can hear noises that humans cannot. They can hear sounds at a higher frequency than a human ear can. They both communicate through the use of their vocal cords. Cats purr when happy and growl when they feel threatened. Dogs yip at a higher tone when happy and also growl when they feel threatened.

Dogs and cats are also famous for being competitors. Depending on blood lines of each animal, they can be put into shows. The purer the blood lines the better. They both can be breed and shown at pedigree shows. The winners of both competitions walk away with great honors of having very special animals.

Both animals make excellent pets and companions. Dogs are fun to play fetch with and take for walks or just to be a good friend. Cats are fun to play with too. Laser pointers and balls and little fuzzy toy mice are great entertainment for your cat. They both are used in retirement communities, employees of the home or volunteers will bring in animals so the elderly can play or pet them. It’s been said that they are great for therapy.

Dogs and cats both being so different and having so many similarities is what make them both wonderful pets. When someone is sad both of...
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