Similarities and Differences of Rome and Han China

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Similarities and Differences of Rome and Han China

Although Han China and Rome shared similarities in their techniques of imperial administration though military conquest and engineering’s aid toward the economy, they differed in their approach to land distribution.

Rome and Han China shared similar techniques in their methods of military conquest in relation to their imperial administration. Both Rome and Han China established control of their territory though fighting and defending land. Testaments of this can be seen when Rome used legions that consisted of heavy infantry. Each legion had thousands of soldiers and was sent to the battlefield head first to fight. These legions were considered standing units and a professional army that were sent out wherever war came about. Rome also had numerous soldiers along all the borders as a means of defense. Similarly, Han China also had regiments consisting of thousands of soldiers that were sent out for military conquest. These regiments correspondingly were considered as well, professional armies known as standing units. Han China in the same way had an abundant number of soldiers along their borders even with the defense added on by the Great Wall of China. These similarities were key as each empire brought the provinces of their domains together though military conquest into regimes of unprecedented scale and thereby enhanced the integration of local worlds into a common legal and cultural framework. Rome conquered the Mediterranean using legions and forcing other regions and new lands to join them. Correspondingly they defended by putting out soldiers on all the borders in case of any attackers. In comparison, Han China conquered East Asia by taking over territories and using their regiments of thousands of soldiers to make the people join the empire as well. Using similar actions, Han China also followed by defending their borders through stationed soldiers and by even expanding the Great Wall of China to...
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