Similarities and Differences Between the Virginia Company and the Massachusetts Bay Company

Topics: Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Colonialism Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: April 3, 2011
There are similarities and differences between the Virginia Company and the Massachusetts Bay Company. Both settlements began with a journey to the New World from England. Both settlements were funded by investors. However, one of the biggest differences is the reasoning behind the colonies starting. The Virginia Company began solely for economical profit and was a Royal Colony (supported by the Queen). The Virginia Company was the first settlement in 1607. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded in 1628 and was more geared toward sustainability and family development and was a Charter Company (supported by a company). Like Virginia, Massachusetts Bay was settled by Europeans. Both companies’ discovered natives were already occupying the land prior to their arrival. In Virginia, there were the Algonquians and in Massachusetts Bay there were a large number of Puritans. Another difference between the two companies was the climate. The Massachusetts Bay Company was much milder and livable than the Virginia Company, which had hotter, more humid weather and the land was they had much more of a swamp area. Both had many complications with early growth and fought to survive. However the Massachusetts Bay Company focused much more on viable crop development and family growth which would in the long run lead to them to a stable future as a colony. The Virginia Company would eventually assume the same methods as the Massachusetts Bay Company, which would lead to a drop in mortality. As far as landholding, all of the Virginia Company settlers lived on large plantations that flourished on the crops. A large town was in the center of all the plantations with a few small houses and shops. The settlers of The Massachusetts Bay Company lived in small towns that had farms and usually one large square with a church and shops surrounded by houses on the outskirts.

Religion for the two companies was also different. The Virginia Company was Anglican and they had no religious...
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