Similarities and Differences Between Romeo and Juliet and Lord of the Flies

Topics: Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt Pages: 6 (1670 words) Published: August 25, 2008
1. How does civilization breakdown as time passes in RJ and LOTF?

Montague and Capulet families have been bitter enemies for generations. •Bitter hate even extend to the families’ servants who open the play fighting in the streets. •Arguments end up in fights resulting in murder, followed by revenge and more murder – Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo kills Tybalt despite knowing that Tybalt is his new wife’s cousin. •Juliet finds out that Romeo kills her cousin, but tolerates it. •Juliet would rather die than marry Paris

Romeo kills Paris
Double Suicides – First Romeo, then Juliet after she wakes up

No Parents are around for maturity and authority after the children arrive at the island •Jack goes from hesitating to kill a pig to being able to viciously kill them •Jack rejects Ralph’s authority and does not respect him •Ralph talks to Piggy and Simon and tells them of their need for adults •One of the “littuns”, Phil, die in a big fire

Fighting and Arguing gets worse between Ralph and Jack who has form a “gang” of hunters •Piggy is killed – Stone rolling and knocking him off a cliff •Simon is killed – when he is mistaken for the “beast” •Ralph was about to be hunted and killed just before the Naval Officer arrives

2. Sides are divided in both RJ and LOTF according to inner-self, conflicting factions, and opinions

Montague and Capulet families have been bitter enemies for generations. •Bitter hate even extend to the families’ servants who open the play fighting in the streets. •When Juliet finds out that Romeo is a Montague, she too has to keep her love for him secret. •Each lover, Romeo and Juliet, knowing they are warring Montagues and Capulets, has to ask others to help in order to see each other (e.g. Friar Lawrence and The Nurse). •When Juliet finds out that her new husband Romeo had killed her cousin, Tybalt, she accepts it. •Juliet would rather die than marry her parents’ choice of Paris for her. •Both lovers’ love for each other was so great that they committed suicide for each other

Ralph is a democratic leader; Piggy is smart and kind; Simon is moral; Together, they represented more maturity and civilized. •Jack grew more vicious and so did Roger; They were irresponsible for not guarding the fire and immature not listening to Ralph; They committed murder. •The “biguns” were supposed to be role models and protect the “littuns”, but Phil dies in a careless fire when they did not take care of him. •Differences in Leadership - Ralph wanted to build more shelters; Jack wanted to hunt more •As story moves on, Jack forms his gang of hunters to follow and believe in him instead of Ralph.

3. The adults in RJ and LOTF are poor mentors

Lord Capulet is strict, harsh, and tries to manipulate Juliet to marry Paris. •Lady Capulet married very young and is an ineffective mother who relies on the Nurse to take care of Juliet. She also tries to get Juliet to marry Paris. •Lord Montague is stubborn and not willing to forgive. Rather, he could live with the feud. •Lady Montague is very busy and strict.

Whereas Romeo and Juliet’s biological parents were not good mentors nor understanding of them, their “substitute” parents, Friar Lawrence and the Nurse were more understanding and they trusted them

There were no parents in the novel, so the “biguns” were suppose to be role models and take care of the “littuns” •Without parents, its like there are no traffic laws and cars could go as fast as they want. •When the Navel Officer appears at the end of the novel and all the kids cried and became “kids” again, its like a speeding car who suddenly sees a police car with a radar gun.

4. The struggle for power negatively affects the characters in RJ and LOTF.

Both lovers’ innocently suffer and show public affection for each other because of their families’ feud •Romeo’s friend Murcutio is killed by Tybalt who is killed by a revengeful Romeo...
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