Similarities and Differences Between English Bill of Rights and the Declaration Rights of Man and Citizen

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  • Published: November 6, 2011
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Similarities and differences between English bill of rights and the declaration rights of man and citizen Bryan. W
Mr. Roberts
The English bill of rights and the declaration rights of man and citizen are two of the most influential documents ever written between 1600-1800; those documents greatly affect the rights and freedom that everyone was born with today, it also greatly affects the US constitution about how they govern their country how they think about government. The two documents have many similarities and differences; those two documents were both created because of a similar reason. The kings that were ruling before those documents were created were both corrupted with power; the kings didn’t listen to the people and in the end they had enough and rebelled against the king and defeated the king. The revolutions that led to the declaration rights of man and citizen are different than the English bill of rights, the English revolution was also called the glorious revolution due to the fact the they had no or little bloodshed unlike the French. The conflict that started the glorious revolution started when England was ruled by James the second. England had many problems with two existing religions, the Catholics and the Protestants. King James the second was a catholic ruler and he vowed to restore England to Catholicism. He also persecuted the Protestants and also appointed Catholics to major job positions in the armed forces although it was strictly forbidden. (Burchill) He refused the parliament’s request and broke the laws the parliament passed out. He also created the declaration of indulgence witch cancelled laws that were against Catholics; he then kept spending money without the permission of the parliament. (Rayment) It raised many conflicts between the king and the parliament, the parliament was trying to figure out a way to replace the king with a Protestant ruler because he deliberately disobeyed the parliament and basically took control of everything. Not long after when they found out that James’s wife ‘Mary of Medina’ was pregnant with a male the parliament couldn’t take another catholic ruler like James so they sent a letter to William and Mary to take over James’ throne. (Blue) Although James had a much bigger army than William’s, lots of soldiers betrayed James and joined the other side; scared that they will kill him; he fled to France. (Harris) It was after the battle that they called it the glorious revolution, it was called glorious because in which religious and political problems were solved without bloodshed. February 2nd 1689 William and Mary were crowned as the first ruler where two people equally share the power. (Stuart) That year the English Bills of Rights were written which basically limited the power of the monarchs and that there are limits to what the King or Queen can do. William and Mary humbly accepted the document and signed, a new type of government also rose in which the people could choose who ruled their kingdom, and it was called a democratic government. (Stuart) King Louis XVI controlled France during 1754-1793; the population was unevenly divided; the 3rd estate makes up about 97% of the entire population. The 3rd estate was very poor, they rarely could pay of rent or even pay for their food. Due to the huge debt king Lois owes from joining a war to help the Americans hoping avenge his grandfather’s losses to Britain he raised taxes.(Roberts) It made the people more angry; winter also came and created a drought which raised the cost of food. The majority of people couldn’t pay for food anymore so they robbed people, broke into houses and bakeries and stole anything they could. It left King Louis with no choice but to call the general estates which are a group of people who represents the different classes of France to a meeting. (Roberts) Then later they found out that they were dismissed by the king and then they got very angry and went to the tennis court. They...
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