Similarities and Difference Between Hinduism and Buddhism.

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  • Published : January 18, 2012
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Similarities and difference between Hinduism and Buddhism.
Buddhism believes in the process of reincarnation based on deeds of the present life. Hinduism also believes that everyone is a part of an impersonal world and therefore, one's soul reincarnates into another body of any being, based on the deeds of the present life. One has to work for salvation oneself and therefore, cannot blame others for the same. The salvation depends on the good deeds of a person. In Hinduism also, one attains salvation as per one's own fate and deeds. Both of them believe that there are many paths to attain enlightenment such as overcoming through your feelings and desires and controlling over the six conscious senses. Both the schools of thought believe that excessive attachment to things and people in the physical world causes pain and suffering. Therefore, we must get ourselves free from the illusions of 'Maya' or worldly desires. Both of them gives an emphasis on the practice of meditation and other forms of yoga, which not only helps one to concentrate on the truth of life, but also facilitates the path of enlightenment and liberation. The Hindus believe in 300,000 Gods. Buddhism do follow some rituals but only in the form of meditation, and bowing and different forms of worship while offering prayer in the Buddhist temples. Buddhist practices also do not require any priests. The rituals, being followed by the Hindus are more complex and vary from birth to death of a person. Besides, priests do play important role in all the rituals. The Buddhists do not believe in the stages of life. People can join any of the stages any time depending upon their spiritual preparedness. The Hindus believe in the four stages of life What impact has a religious or spiritual tradition had on your life. I would have to say my parents. They are both Christians and raised me and my brother and sister as Christians. I was baptized and have attended church throughout the years. I have also gone to youth group and to youth camp. We do family devotions. My dad tries to get us all together at night. It is hard we all play sports or do other activities and sometimes we are tired. I like what the devotions say it is just I don’t always want to sit there and do it. I believe in God, it is just sometimes I have a hard time doing what I know I should do.

Read the subsection on Mesopotamia and write two or three sentences to summarize it. All the Mesopotamian civilizations to follow - Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian - adopted Sumerian culture and made it their own. The Sumerians were the originators whom everyone copied. In addition to creating the first forms of writing, the Sumerians invented the plow, the wheel, and used bronze tools. Their impact was so great that we feel it today when we hear about the Great Flood. The Amorites were better known as Babylonians - named after the city they founded in central Mesopotamia called Babylon. Babylon became the most well-known city in all of Mesopotamia. The most famous king of the Babylonians was one of its earliest kings Hammurabi. Define or describe each of the following key terms from this section. Civilization- A complex culture in which large numbers of people share basic elements, such as a social structure, religion, and art. Patriarchal- Society in Mesopotamia was dominated by men.

Circle the letter of the word that has the closet meaning to the boldface academic vocabulary words from this lesson. 1. A system of codes helped maintain order in early civilizations. C. regulations 2. Early civilizations focused on what the leaders believed were important goals for maintain their social structure. A. concentrated

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